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Journeys of Discovery: Imagineering the future at Greensboro, North Carolina’s Battleground Park

Randi Hair
Ron Settle (left), Director of Innovative Technology and Interpretation at the Greensboro, North Carolina Science Center shows correspondent Tom Wilmer facility highlights.

Correspondent Tom Wilmer reports from the Greensboro, North Carolina for an in-depth conversation with the Greensboro Battleground Parks District imagineers. Wilmer conducts a round-table conversation with Chris Wilson, Assistant City Manager, City of Greensboro; Nasha McCray, Director of Parks and Recreation; Greensboro Science Center staffers: Beth Hemphill, COO; Ron Settle, Director of Innovative Technology and Interpretation; Beth Almy, Director of Creative Services; and Martha Regester, VP of Education. The 400-acre Battleground Park includes a zoo, an inland aquarium, a giant carousel and the adjacent Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

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