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With low water levels, Lake San Antonio to close in July

Flickr member Betsssssy

Officials recently announced Lake San Antonio will be closed this summer.

The Monterey County Board of Supervisors approved a budget Tuesday that included the hard closure of Lake San Antonio's south and north shores.

Mark Mariscal is the Director of Parks and Recreation for Monterey County and said when the budget was compiled, it was understood water levels at the lake would not increase. 

"It was just a very good business sense-- instead of using tax payer dollars, in a support level of somewhere between one and 1.5 million dollars, that we would go ahead for this year...with closing Lake San Antonio in order to save that money," said Mariscal.

The lake, which is located primarily in southern Monterey County, has about 1.5 miles of water surface, but Mariscal said that it does not have enough water to truly have a recreational experience.

The lake will be closed throughout the year starting July 1.

However, Lake Nacimiento in San Luis Obispo County is in full operation and has 13 miles of water surface.