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December storm expected to slam Central Coast with huge waves

Amy Joseph -

In addition to the strong winds and significant rain expected Thursday and Friday, the Central Coast is likely to get hit was some very heavy surf.

The National Weather Service says western-facing beaches are most at risk from a major swell arriving late Thursday night and continuing through Saturday. Forecasters expect serious beach erosion because of the duration of the event.

Waves as high as 25 feet could be possible in some areas, and it's predicted that jetties and sea walls could be breached during periods of high tide.

"It will not be safe for any kind of activity on the bay," said Becka Kelly, the Harbor Patrol Supervisor in Morro Bay. "We are asking people to stay very, very far back from the jetty and down at the beach as well, as some sets of waves come in larger than the last and we don't want anyone swept off there feet or into the water."

Kelly says they're asking boats to use Port San Luis just to the south, as the Morro Bay harbor entrance has already been deemed dangerous by the Coast Guard.