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Significant rainfall expected to hit the Central Coast by the weekend

Twitter user @PGE_John

A major storm system is on its way to the Central Coast bringing with it a lot of rain. The storm is expected to mainly batter Northern California, although the Central Coast will be affected as well. 

"In the coastal valleys such as San Luis Obispo, you'll probably see maybe three to four inches of rainfall," said PG&E Marine Meteorologist John Lindsey.

He said the storm and the expected rainfall will be much greater in the northern region of the Central Coast.

"The greatest amount of rain will be in the Santa Lucia mountains through the orographic enhancements. That's where the winds are lifted over those mountains," said Lindsey.

National Weather Service meteorologist Robbie Monroe said the initial rainfall for the weekend will be small.

"For this particular storm, for the Central Coast, we're expecting right around an inch of rain with maybe a little bit less as you head down towards Oxnard," said Monroe.

However, Lindsey said the total rainfall for the storm, which may last through next Thursday, will pick up later throughout next week.

"Right now the GFF- the Global Forecast System- is claiming- they're forecasting- between six and ten inches of rain," said Lindsey.

With so much rain and flooding expected, San Luis Obispo Office of Emergency Services Manager Ron Alsop said his office is in preparation mode.

"What we're doing right now is continuing to monitor it and we will be putting out some social media information," said Alsop. 

Alsop said there already are sandbag distribution locations throughout the county.

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