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Central Coast AVA: When it comes to water, there's no TMI with Jean-Pierre Wolff

Jason Lopez
Jean-Pierre Wolff in his vineyard in Edna Valley.

Winemakers come from all walks of life. Some are almond farmers who made the switch to grapes because it paid more. Some are artists, drawing on their creative talents to craft wine. And then there are scientists. 

When Jean-Pierre Wolff looks out onto his vineyard, he not only sees future bottles of wine, but also millions of years of geological transformation, the interaction of earth systems, plants and animals, and its intersection with human civilization. As ?Chairman of the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, he brings a broad view of natural history and the demands of modern life to the critical issue of drought.

In this podcast, we begin with a visit to the Forbes Ag Tech Summit held in Salinas over the summer. And we hear excerpts from Jean-Pierre Wolff's presentation on agricultural sustainability and then visit him in the field at Wolff Vineyards, just south of San Luis Obispo, California in Edna Valley.

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