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2014 SLO Film Fest sees record numbers

The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (SLOIFF) saw record attendance and income in March, according to the festival's marketing director Wendy Eidson.

Organizers say the event has been growing steadily in recent years with ticket sales up 35 percent from 2013. Overall admissions increased to 8500, beating the previous record by more than 12-percent.

“Everywhere I go, people stop me to tell me how much they appreciate the festival and that they loved every film they saw,” said Eidson. "Filmmakers who visited the county are equally complimentary, many saying they can’t wait to come back."

Local hotels, restaurants, and shops may be among those most excited to hear the festival is doing so well. It's estimated roughly 80 percent of attendees dined at local restaurants. Those from out of town stayed an average of two nights in the area and spent between $50 and $500 at San Luis Obispo County stores.