KCBX depends on the contribution of the time and talents of over a thousand community volunteers each year, starting with the volunteer Board of Directors and Community Advisory Council. Volunteers take phone pledges and help us with office tasks during during our Spring and Fall Pledge Drives, and they are key to the success of the Live Oak Music Festival in June.

If you would like to become involved in the volunteer life of KCBX, send an e-mail to KCBX Development Director Greg Perry. Or, call (805) 549-8855.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Pledge Drive

1. Good typing skills. This is one of the most important skills our volunteers can possess. Accuracy reduces confusion and duplicate records.

2. Good phone skills. You can't be shy. Most of our donors are very pleasant and appreciative of your volunteerism. They are usually patient – to a point. The pledge room can become loud at times and you'll need to be able to filter out other distractions while taking a pledge. You'll need to learn how to put the call on hold and how to use our paging system.

3. Multitasking. At times, you'll find yourself in situations where you have to help a donor on the phone while answering a question from a fellow volunteer and trying to find a premium on our premium board – all at the same time. Patience is a virtue.

KCBX Newsroom

Our newsroom is always looking for those interested in volunteering their time and skills to help bring local news to our airwaves. If you think you have skills that would help out, please complete this interest form.