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The Reluctant Therapist: Whose dreams are we living?

 For parents, the hopes and expectations they have for their children begin at conception and continue until their launch into the world — and often further into adulthood. These visions of a life greater than their own is a strong motivator for the many sacrifices, risks and moves parents make for the future of their offspring. Host Elizabeth Barrett interviews guests Sasha Braginsky and Francisco Martinez, recent first-generation Cal Poly graduates, about the challenges, stressors, pride and gratitude that comes with being the children of these parents who have put everything into providing a future for their families.

Elizabeth Barrett is a wife, mother, licensed marriage-family therapist, educator, eavesdropper, emotion worker, and mental health consultant. She uses all of these skills to address the subjects that we all struggle with in this conversation with the Reluctant Therapist.