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Community Calendar Submission Guidelines

Our guidelines have changed!

Please read the following and click the button at the bottom to proceed.

The Community Calendar features arts, entertainment and non-profit events in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and southern Monterey Counties.

All submissions will be reviewed and approved by the KCBX Calendar Editor before appearing on the site. The station reserves the right to edit any submissions. The station does not check the details of the event and does not take responsibility for inaccurate information.

Please contact the station at if you notice inaccurate information in event listings.

When submitting events:
--Select the proper category for the event.
--Enter the event at least 2 weeks prior to event date.
--Include your contact information.
--Fill out all information required as completely as possible.

Venues are places where an event takes place. When creating a new venue, all venue-related information, i.e., address, email, website, and phone number, should be the venue’s and not the presenting organization. New venues are carefully reviewed and will be edited if inaccurate.

Reasons Why An Event May Not Be Approved

Daily events may not repeat for more than two weeks.

Weekly events may not repeat for more that two months.

Monthly events may not repeat for more than six months.

If your event is more than one week long and does not occur every day of the event’s duration, do not submit as a daily event. Use recurring weekly instead, and select the days of the week the event is open. (If an event appears in the calendar on a day when the event doesn’t occur, then the event was entered incorrectly and will be disapproved.)

Event Description
Event descriptions should not be longer than 200 words (about two short paragraphs). Descriptions longer than 200 words will be trimmed or disapproved.

Events Promoting Religions
Religious organizations may post events only if the event promotes the arts, or is a fundraiser where 100% of the proceeds go to another, non-religious, non-profit organization.

Gallery and museum showings may only repeat three times. If an engagement is more than one week long, consider entering it as a weekly recurring event on Mondays (or another day of your choice) for three weeks, with details about all gallery dates in the description.

Political Events
Only events that are non-partisan (candidate debates, open ballot discussions) will be allowed.