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Culture and Identity

Hundreds attend Cal Poly community forum following weekend roof collapse

Jay Thompson, Cal Poly

More than 500 Cal Poly students, staff and faculty members turned out for a community forum Thursday to address, what is perceived by many to be, an out-of-control party culture connected to the university.

The forum was scheduled this week, following last Saturday morning's roof collapse incident during the annual St. Fratty's Day party. Several students were hurt during the collapse, but none seriously.

Thursday's forum ended on a positive note, but there were certainly some tense moments during the discussion. In Addition to the roof collapse, the forum addressed Greek Life, student rental conditions and Cal Poly's student culture.

Joi Sullivan is the Associated Students (ASI) President at Cal Poly. She says when she received the phone call about the roof collapse, she thought Cal Poly had lost another student. While it turns out, nobody was seriously hurt in that incident, Sullivan says she is still frustrated by what happened.

"I know how smart our students are," said Sullivan. "I know that on the day to day they really do care about the people next to them, but when they're put in situations like this, it doesn't always seem to play out in the way that I'd like."

Cal Poly's President Jeffrey Armstrong and others say they want to hold future forums as a way discuss ongoing issues and connect with the community.