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Culture and Identity

Bridging our community with mediation

Broadcast date: 12/17/15

In today’s world, miscommunications and misunderstandings are more common than ever due to the prevalence of technology in personal and business dealings. Creative Mediation believes that conflict is healthy and works with individuals to become more comfortable with it. 

They believe that conflict acts as a catalyst for change and progress, when it is worked through successfully, and mediation services can help people who have become stuck in the mire of conflict to find a path out. This type of preventative communication can be the best way to avoid the negative impacts of unresolved conflict for many in our community, whether it is a business with employee disputes, to family members working through interpersonal conflicts, or community groups needing facilitation to work through a community issue.

Join host Fred Munroe as he speaks with representatives with Wilshire Health and Community Services, Kelly Donohue, their Marketing and Outreach Coordinator and Steffanie Medina their Director of Corporate and Community Relations as they discuss how Creative Mediation can move people from conflict to resolution.

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