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Sheriff's office wants your video and photos from Deltopia Event

Mike Eliason/SBC

Sheriff's department investigators are using a new tool to help find out who was responsible for criminal activity during this month's Deltopia riot in Isla Vista.

Deputies in Santa Barbara County are now asking the community to get involved by sending in videos and photos taken during the spring break party back on April 5.

This marks the first time the department will use a service called LEEDIR (Large Emergency Digital Information Repository). It was developed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to help people send in videos and pictures anonymously.

Santa Barbara Sheriff's spokesperson Kelly Hoover says finding those responsible for the violence is important to the department.

"There's just a lot of concern out there in the public about what happened," said Hoover. "This is a great way for concerned community members to be a part of assisting the Sheriff's Office in making sure something like this never happens again."

You can submit your media to the sheriff's department here.