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Lower natural gas reserves due to Aliso Canyon leak

A photo of the leaking Aliso Canyon well pad near Porter Ranch community in Los Angeles County.

A 2015 natural gas leak in Los Angeles is now affecting supply levels around the region. The utility company SoCalGas says environmental restrictions on one of its reservoirs is the cause. 

Company spokesperson Melissa Bailey said consequences from a gas leak in Los Angeles' Aliso Canyon late last year put restrictions on how much the natural gas reservoir can be filled.

Bailey said it must pass a series of tests in order for the reservoir to begin being filled again.

“The inspection process is quite in depth and lengthy,” Bailey said.

The company provides natural gas service as far north as San Miguel and Paso Robles in San Luis Obispo County. Because current levels are lower than usual, SoCalGas is urging its customers to set their house thermostat to 68 degrees or below, and set washing machines to wash clothing in cold water.

Bailey said 95 percent of Californians are reliant on natural gas for energy.