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NPR+ Podcast Bundle

We’re excited that KCBX sustaining members* can now access NPR+, a special collection of podcast benefits.

The NPR+ podcast collection offers sponsor-free listening, bonus episodes and early access of NPR’s popular podcasts, like Up First, Fresh Air, Code Switch and Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

How do I get NPR+?

It’s easy—just set up a recurring donation to KCBX at a minimum of $8/month or $96/year on either our main donation page here or at kcbx.plus.npr.org. Once your sustaining donation is confirmed, you’ll get an invite email to set up your account. In some cases this invite may take a few days, so we appreciate your patience!

I’m already a donor—how to I get access?

Great news! If you are an existing KCBX sustaining member (minimum $8/month or $96/year), you’re automatically eligible for the NPR+ podcast benefit. You may already have access, so here are two ways to check:

1. Check your inbox for an activation email. We may have already granted you access.

2. Go to the NPR+ page. Click the “donate” button and enter your name and email address (use the one that you use for KCBX). If you

If you can’t find an activation email or the system doesn’t find you, then email us at members@kcbx.org and we’ll be happy to get you set up! Please be patient, as there is a little manual work on our end.