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Carl "Sonny" Leyland

Host of Rhythm Retrospective

Carl Sonny Leyland was born & raised in the South of England. As a child he developed a love for various styles of vintage music that he heard on his father's LP records. At age 15 he discovered blues & boogie woogie  & began to make his own music on the piano & guitar. Money earned from gigs was generally spent at the local record shop where Leyland acquired the beginnings of what would become an extensive library of recordings including Blues, Hillbilly, Jazz , Rockabilly & 50s rock & roll. Leyland came to the US in 1988 settling in New Orleans. He relocated to California in 1997, where he has remained since. A professional musician by trade, Carl was inducted into the Boogie Woogie Hall of Fame in 2010. He spends his free time collecting records & trying to transmute base metal into gold, so far unsuccessfully…