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Hank Hadley

Operations Manager/Local Host of All Things Considered

Hank Hadley has worked as KCBX's Operations Manager since 1988.  For the first 9 years at KCBX, he was the local host of  NPR's Morning Edition, arriving at the station each weekday morning at 5:30.  Each morning when the alarm went off, a mighty struggle took place pitting the joy of sleep against the love of the job.  The job almost always won out.  

Hank's position has evolved as the technology has advanced over the years.  When he started, audio editing was done on reels of audio tape with a grease pencil and a razor blade.  Now sound is recorded on memory chips, and editing is done on a computer screen.  His current duties include programming the station's computer automation system, creating the daily program logs, changing light bulbs, hosting the local segments of All Things Considered, and pretty much whatever else needs doing.  He enjoys being mostly behind the scenes, but does enjoy letting a bit of his personality come through on the radio during KCBX semi-annual pledge drives.

Hank attended college at the University of the Pacific, in Stockton where he first fell in love with public radio, first as a phone answerer for the college station's pledge drive, working his way into the production department, and finally becoming an announcer for their morning classical music program.