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Neal Losey

Music Director/Host of Morning Cup and Night Train

Neal started his radio career at Cal Poly SLO's KCPR in 1989. He started volunteering at KCBX in 1993, spinning discs every Saturday night on the Night Train, a show he still does today. In 1997 he joined the full-time staff of KCBX as the Music Director and the host of the Morning Cup. Neal has also worked for multiple commercial radio stations over the last 25 years, including K-Otter, K-Bear and The Beach. He has worked at record stores, promoted concerts, written music columns and published his own music magazine over the years. Neal loves sharing music any way he can, and always has, since his early days of taking James Brown 45s to his 2nd grade class for "Show and Tell."

Besides sharing music, Neal loves racing cars in the 24 Hours of Lemons (he's the 2014 West Coast points champion) and Chump Car racing series, and he discovered a passion for winemaking while working harvest for Linne Calodo Winery in Paso Robles.