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Steve Jenkins, host of Citizen Sound

Steve Jenkins

Host of Citizen Sound

Steve Jenkins is the co-host of Citizen Sound with Penelope Pitstop every other Sunday night/Monday morning from 11pm-1am. Steve became addicted to music and radio at a young age, the early years of his lifelong insomnia being narrated by late night personalities. Both Dr. Demento and Art Bell amplified Steve’s draw toward the fringes of the musical spectrum (and probably society, as a whole). By his early 20s, Steve’s passion for art and collaboration with fellow weirdos pushed him toward a deep immersion in DIY Punk culture, regularly finding himself entangled in creative micro-communities spanning the West Coast. His dedication to the arts led him to a career as a creative professional, primarily working as an audio engineer in a cross section of the Film, TV, and Gaming Industries.

Some of Steve’s other endeavors have included:

  • Co-founding a death metal radio show on KCPR
  • Co-running an all ages punk venue in downtown Portland, OR
  • Co-founding a record label releasing esoteric electronic music
  • Co-promoting extreme music concerts throughout San Luis Obispo County
  • Co-producing a late night alternative show on KCBX (Citizen Sound)

Steve loves making music recommendations, but loves getting them more. Send your suggestions via email to: sjenkins@kcbx.org