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A Conversation with the Reluctant Therapist
Tuesdays, 2:00PM - 3:00PM

The Reluctant Therapist, Elizabeth Barrett, leads a conversation about the state of our collective mental health and the ways in which our helping professions are either aiding or getting in the way of our cultural well-being. With so many social services, treatments and programs available—why are we all still struggling in so many ways?

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  • Starhawk is an author, activist, permaculture designer, teacher, ritual maker - and a founder and now elder, in the modern earth-based and goddess spirituality movements. In this conversation we explore Starhawk's personal journey discovering and sharing nature-based ritual practices and her program Earth Activist Training - working to re-establish a world that is sustainable and regenerating.
  • Meet Nate Bellinger - senior staff attorney for Our Children's Trust, the world's only non-profit public interest law firm dedicated exclusively to securing the legal rights of youth to a healthy atmosphere and safe climate, based on the best available science. Nate and his team are suing the US government - if they are successful, they just may save the world.
  • Women are magic! Let's talk about that - and the moon and Women's History Month.
  • Why are women gaining ground in some areas, losing ground in others and stagnant in many? We've been lulled into believing that women have arrived -equality achieved - so there's no need to keep making space for women to be seen. Is this true? Tune in for a conversation about the need for continued efforts to elevate the feminine in many different ways. Let's start with the music world and guest singer/songwriter Cate Armstrong.
  • Parenting In a Mental Health CrisisTune in for a conversation about the ever changing landscape of parenting. How do we raise our children to thrive in a world that is constantly changing - amidst the chaos and confusion of a country that is divided - and social norms that are disappearing? Tune in at 2 for a Conversation about the new Parenting Paradigm and the challenges of accessing mental wellness for adult and children.
  • Its a conversation with the Reluctant Therapist, Elizabeth Barrett and Marlena Tanner, certified eating disorder specialist, registered dietician and founder of The Yellow House Project about how to allow food and love and body acceptance to guide our eating habits and improve our lives.
  • It's been 200 years of trial and error and error and error and the helping professions have yet to find a cure for mental illness. Symptoms may be reduced but true and lasting healing has been elusive. Tune in Tuesday at 2 for a Conversation with the Reluctant Therapist, Elizabeth Barrett and Dr. Andrew Scull about his upcoming book, "Desperate Remedies: Psychiatry's Turbulent Quest to Cure Mental Illness.
  • Keeping the Spark AliveIntimate partnerships require care and tending to thrive - in many ways it's easier to douse the flames of love than it is to maintain them. How do you light your love fire?
  • Tune in for a conversation about one man's successful journey from trauma to recovery utilizing, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, or EMDR.
  • Singer, songwriter, musician, poet, author, PhD candidate and librarian, yes - librarian, Caleb Nichols, about the joys and challenges of a life in the arts and candid insights about his life-long dance with panic and anxiety.