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Beyond the Frindge
Beyond the Fringe
Tuesdays, 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM

Nobody's really sure, but we think Jon Iverson started hosting this program, formerly called The Last Jazz Show, on Tuesday nights at KCBX sometime around 1980.

Sal España began co-hosting with Jon around 2004, eventually going solo in 2009. Like most of our audience, Sal was curious about the name of the program, as little actual jazz appears on the playlist. Neal Losey claims it's Jon's sense of humor. Neal's usually right. Sal renamed the show in 2012 to Beyond the Fringe, a name that expresses the exploratory nature of his playlist.

Since Sal follows "Pickin' Up The Tempo," he usually starts with something acoustic—often a guitar, sometimes edging towards rock. But then he veers off into the night spinning progressive rock along with the latest ambient, electronic, classical, and world music hybrids.