Jennifer O'Leary

The waters of the Central Coast have seen some radical changes in recent years, including much warmer than normal temperatures, massive algae blooms, a decline in eel grass and a mass wasting disease among sea stars. 

Santa Barbara County Fire Department

Two of the main government organizations that responded to the Refugio oil spill nearly a year ago are now looking back and judging their efforts.

Water Wise SB

New numbers from the state show Central Coast residents are doing their part to save water. 

Cuesta College

The number of Hispanic students attending San Luis Obispo County’s Cuesta College is on the rise, and as a result the U.S. Government is giving it a new designation.

ASI, Cal Poly

Cal Poly students are planning a protest rally for this coming Monday in concert with students on several other CSU campuses. 

The teen birth rate is dropping nationwid, especially among Hispanic and black girls, and those same statistics are mirrored here on the Central Coast. 

Flickr member Ryosuke Yagi

A new survey shows Santa Barbara is one of only two U.S. cities where women earn over ten percent more than men on average.

Thomas Wilmer

The town of Hot Springs, Arkansas is also a National Park, and by geographic area it's America's smallest Park. Join Correspondent, Tom Wilmer for a visit with Steve Arrison, CEO of Visit Hot Springs. 

Tom Wilmer

  Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas is just an hour from the Capital City of Little Rock, but it’s light years away. 

Morro Bay National Estuary Program

A grass that grows in the coastal waters and tidal lands of the Central Coast is seeing a rapid decline in habitat.

Randol White - KCBX News

A project is in the works to relocate the water pumping barge at Cachuma Lake to accommodate receding lake levels.

Central Coast Wild Heritage

A U.S. Senate hearing will consider on Thursday the preservation of 245,000 acres of land along the Central Coast. 

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

The Central Coast and California’s water situation is a source of passion for one member of Cal Poly’s Sociology Department. 

Getting a handle on food and environmental allergies

Apr 20, 2016
Ken Pfeiffer Photography

It seems like allergy season gets longer every year. Whether it’s foods or the environment, a lot of people are suffering from allergies.

San Ysidro Ranch

Voters in Santa Barbara County will likely have a say this November on whether to raise a tax aimed at tourists to the area. 

Monterey County Sheriff's Office

A two-year-old Salinas Valley boy was found safe Thursday afternoon after being the subject of an Amber Alert abduction earlier in the day. 

Strawberries top 'Dirty Dozen' list of produce with detectable pesticides

Apr 12, 2016
Jay Thompson - Cal Poly

The Central Coast's number one cash crop is taking a hit from an environmental watchdog group for what it calls an excessive use of pesticides. 

The Food Archivist: Facebook Page

Based on the California Central Coast, Ann-Terese Barket is on a mission to preserve family recipes. She developed the Food Archivist to assist families save and preserve ancestral recipes that historically have been passed down through the oral tradition. 

Flickr member Ryosuke Yagi

Voters in Isla Vista will have a choice this November on whether they'd like to form their own local government. 

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Residents of a San Luis Obispo County neighborhood are in the early stages of suing the County over a toxic chemical that is testing positive in their well water. 

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A push to expand the California Coastal National Monument to include the Piedras Blancas Light Station in San Luis Obispo County, now has the full support of the County Board of Supervisors. 

Cal Poly CFA

UPDATE: Friday, April 8, 2016 at 6:35 p.m.

Faculty at Cal Poly and the 22 other California State University campuses are being offered a five percent salary hike effective June 30. 

Geovanni Ximénez-García

Space debris and the location of satellites is a top concern for the U.S. military's missile program which is why leaders from the Department of Defense are working closely with scientists in Cal Poly’s CubeSat program. 

The process for giving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) has changed quite a bit over the years and there is a new push on the Central Coast to get people acquainted with the most recent version of this life-saving technique. 

The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County

Last week, The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County announced the largest land easement in the organization’s history. 

Lisa Stratton, CCBER

UCSB is embarking on a major project to turn 63 acres of a former golf course back into publicly-accessible wetlands. 

San Luis Obispo County

  • Host: Brian Reynolds
  • Guest: Whitney Szentesi

View the San Luis Obispo County 2015 Annual Report online 

Cal Poly's Technology Park is headed for an expansion

Mar 23, 2016
Jim Dunning, Cal Poly

A project between Cal Poly and the California Central Coast Research Partnership is home to several technology-based businesses. 

Community works to save Atascadero's dilapidated Printery Building

Mar 17, 2016
The Printery - The Masonic Temple, Landmark Facebook page

A decision on what will become of the century-old building in Atascadero is looming closer as a last-ditch effort to save the troubled landmark gets underway.

Because of unpaid back taxes, the building will be put up for online public auction on May 14.

The deadline for entering an objection to that auction is now set for Friday, March 31.

Taxing entities, like the City of Atascadero, have the ability to enter an objection to an auction sale, but must first indicate an intention to purchase. In this case, the City has declined to so.


One Central Coast city is making a statement on climate change, asking the federal government to get working on a plan for reducing dependence on fossil fuels.