How California is rewriting the law on online privacy

Dec 2, 2019
DJANDYW.COM/creative commons

Our actions online have created a vast trove of information worth billions of dollars. Every time we search, click, shop, watch, send, receive, delete or download, we create a trail of data that companies can use to figure out our tastes and interests. We also hand over information when we use social media or loyalty programs at our favorite stores.

Greta Mart


If a Central Coast lawmaker prevails, students in California public schools may soon be taught how decipher fact-based news from “fake news.” State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson from Santa Barbara has introduced a bill to create a statewide advisory committee to come up with the best way to educate students on responsible media consumption. 

With all of this talk about privacy, there's been very little said about the irony in demanding a halt to intrusive personal data gathering and our penchant for posting our innermost secrets online. Maybe privacy is overrated. Join A Conversation with the Reluctant Therapist Tuesday from 2-3 pm as Elizabeth Barrett discusses the impact of secrets on our mental health and well-being. Your calls are welcomed regarding this or any other topic related to your relationships, life, and love.