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Issues & Ideas: air date 11-27-2013

Marisa Waddell
  • Correspondent Tom Wilmer visits with the owners of Olea Farm in Templeton, to learn about California's distinctive olive oils.  We'll learn what the term "extra-virgin, first press" really means, and what some of the differences are between European and California olive oils.
  • Also, it is estimated that 10 to 40 million parrots live in the United States as pets. Because captive bred parrots are just a few generations from their wild cousins, their needs are often misunderstood.  Donna Cheek and local parrot rescuer Marty Johnson, explore the challenges that face these beautiful, intelligent birds.
  • And Brian Reynolds visits with long time bookstore owner Caroll Leslie of Volumes of Pleasure Bookstore in Los Osos, and new bookstore owner Darin Gabler, of the Bookworm in Santa Maria as they discuss the wonders, treasures, and continuing changes to our local bookstores.