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Retired Miami Herald Photographer shares front-line war stories recorded in Costa Rica in 1993

Tim Chapman covers Muriel Boatlift
Battle Vaughn
Miami Herald

A conversation with award-winning Miami Photographer Tim Chapman (retired 2012), recorded in the jungles of Costa Rica back in 1993.

In celebration of 26 years reporting around the world for NPR affiliate KCBX in California and the NPR podcast, Journeys of Discovery with Tom Wilmer, we are featuring an ongoing “Best of" series from the tape archives.

In conjunction with History Miami Museum’s show, “Newsman: the Photojournalism of Tim Chapman”, we are proud to share Tim Chapman’s 1993 enthralling conversation about covering the war in Beirut.

He was one of first four journalists to discover the carnage of Jonestown, Guyana; being imbedded with the Contras and Sandinistas in Nicaragua, and much more.     

CLICK HERE  to hear NPR affiliate WLRN South/Florida's recent Chapman interview with host Nancy Klingener

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