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Drought persists for Central Coast farmers and ranchers

Tom Wilmer

Last week's wet weather on the Central Coast was welcome relief for local farmers and ranchers dealing with a string of the driest months on record here in California.

However, as we heard prior to, during, and after the storm systems,  we still have a long way to go before there is any chance of dropping the term "drought." 

Santa Maria Sun reporter Camillia Lanham has been following the extended dry spell with a two part series on how the local ag community is dealing with it. 

"It's been dry for a long time," said Lanham.  "I think more than anything [farmers] are nervous about how much water can be held in the soil, because it's been dry for so long, and also how much water is getting through and into the groundwater basins." 

Read Lanham's piece starting Thursday in the Santa Maria Sun.