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Ears on Art makes a call for stories about celebrations

by Denni Schnapp

Here's your chance to share a story on the radio! It is time once again to be a part of the annual Ears On Art story sharing programs. Our theme this year is “Celebrations.”

What, for you, are the essential components for a celebration? Was there a celebration sometime in your life that stands out? Is there a celebration that did not happen, but should have? Think about people, purpose, location, food, gifts, surprises, recurring celebrations or a one-time event. Even though it's December, your story need not be about this holiday season.

This is to be a true, first person account.  The story can be touching, funny, sad…it might even be tragic.

Here are the directions:

1.    Contact us ( with "Ears on Art Story" for the subject line. Deadline to submit your story is November 23.  We will record the stories between November 26 and December 4th.

2.    Write your story MAXIMUM WORDS  600.   Please start your piece with a one or two sentence introduction of you…your name, where you live, and perhaps a couple of words of description of who you are.  (this does not count in the 600 words) 

3.    We will contact  you to set up a time when you will come to the KCBX studio and record your story. This often takes about ½ hour so that we get it the way you want it. We do not want to turn down anyone. We may make small suggestions for editing, but no rewrites.

Please feel free to write or call with questions.  Repeat story tellers are welcome. 

Crissa   541-1095