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New development could be game changer for Guadalupe's future

A Central Coast city on the verge of insolvency last fall, now has a much brighter future according to those in charge.

A major housing development broke ground Wednesday in the City of Guadalupe. When finished, it could boost the city's population from roughly 7100 to above the 10,000 mark.

The total development is on more than 200 acres and will include 800 homes and will be built in stages over 10 to 15 years.

City Administrator Andrew Carter says the development is a a big deal for the city because large retailers need a population base of at least 10,000 to consider moving into town.

"Psychologically it's very meaningful to the city," said Carter. "Here you have outside interests who are going to be spending, literally investing millions of dollars in the City of Guadalupe, to bring growth to the city."

Carter says it's positive on a lot of fronts.

Residents also approved several tax measures last fall, helping to keep the city from being absorbed by the county.