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Business and Economy

A changing Central Coast economy, what experts believe the future holds

Randol White

Experts say the San Luis Obispo County economy is strong and ranks up there with other California hot spots like San Francisco and Silicon Valley. That was the message at Friday's Central Coast Economic Summit.

Looking forward they also say there's not reason to be pessimistic about 2016. 

Jordan Levine is an economist with Beacon Economics. He said the tourism and wine sectors are still staples of the local economy, but he believes there is reason to be optimistic about more diversification.

"There really are some good signs of emerging sectors, both on the technology side, whether that's things like computer systems design, or even on down to things like professional services with industries like architects and engineers and computer design," he said. "I think those are the sectors to watch as we move forward." 

Levine said one area where he does have some concern is that the local economy is nearing full-employment levels, which could make it difficult for industries to find qualified workers.