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Bicycle community saddened by fatal crash on Los Osos Valley Road

The California Highway Patrol in San Luis Obispo says a fatal crash that killed a bicyclist on Los Osos Valley Road Wednesday night happened because the victim crossed the roadway in front of an oncoming vehicle.

Officer Richard Lee says 25-year-old Anna Deis was struck and killed as she left the La Familia Ranch Pumpkin Patch around 6:30. He says the crash happened as she crossed the road to head West and passed in front of a car driven by an 86 year old driver.

"By the time the officer arrived on scene it was dark out there, there are no street lights or anything, so it's very dark," " said Lee. "When the crash actually happened, it was close enough to sunset where we're actually trying to determine if it was dusk or actually dark when the collision occurred."

Dan Rivoire is the Executive Director of the SLO County Bicycle Coalition. He says tragic incidents like this happen far too often.

"I think the Bicycle Coalition is just saddened by this situation and hopes that the community will continue to recognize the need for roadway improvements that will make it safe for all types of users; people who bike, people who walk, people who drive."

Deis was engaged to be married in just over two weeks.