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UCSB student leader reacts to report released on Isla Vista killings

Oscar Flores - Twitter @oflores

Nearly nine months after the mass killings in Isla Vista the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department is releasing its entire completed report on the incident.

The report details may be hard to take for some as it explains events that transpired during the Isla Vista massacre in May.

Ali Guthy is the President of Associated Students at UCSB she says their office is trying to remind students that they have services available.

Guthy said that some students are aware the report was released but that it doesn't affect everyone the same way. 

"Everyone goes through their grieving process differently. Some students will be re-triggered by this, some will not," said Guthy.

"I wouldn't say that the overall mood on campus has changed, but definitely some students are starting to become aware of that this information is out there and are reflecting on the incidents that occurred."

According to the Associated Press, the father of the killer says he has not read the report but hopes it will prevent similar attacks.