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Opposition growing to film with similarities to Isla Vista massacre

Berger Bros Entertainment, Del Playa movie trailer still

Support is growing to halt the release of an indie horror film that some say has a story line too similar to last year's deadly attacks in Isla Vista. Recent UCSB alumnus started an online petition against the movie 'Del Playa.' 

 Shortly after this movie trailer was released last week, Kate Nollner made a petition to halt the film's release. The petition is directed to Berger Bros Entertainment, its CEO and the director of 'Del Playa.'

Nollner said in a petition update, "The film is a thinly veiled attempt to glorify the Isla Vista gunman, and its release is an issue that must be addressed."

Shaun Hart is the film's director and UCSB alum. He recently released a statement apologizing to those who may have been offended by the movie. He admits that there is a connection with Santa Barbara, but that the killer is not meant to portray a specific person.

A change petition in support of the film's release has also been started. It reads that it "seeks to educate the public of their freedom to watch whatever they want..."

The petition aiming to stop the film's release has more than 23 thousand signatures. The petition supporting the release of Del Playa has 59 signatures.