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Culture and Identity

Marching in solidarity with the Day Without A Woman movement

Jennifer Moonjian
Marchers headed for San Luis Obispo's Mission Plaza.

An estimated 100 women - and a few dozen men - walked from San Luis Obispo’s Meadow Park to downtown Wednesday morning, participating in the Day Without a Woman event. Many dressed in red, as requested by the national organizing group called the Women’s March, the same group that launched the January 21 Women’s March on Washington and sister marches around the globe. 

Similar gatherings took place in Santa Barbara and Monterey Wednesday.

Debbie Gedayloo of Kindness Matters SLO is a key organizer of the march in San Luis Obispo.

"I looked around - this is a few weeks ago - looked around to see if anything was being planned locally. And I just felt this was important day and a statement should be made, so I just kinda jumped in and talked to the city and got the ball rolling. And then the local women’s march group came on board to help," Gedayloo said.  

One component of the day's activities was gathering donations for the San Luis Obispo women’s shelter, which they delivered. Gedayloo says she’s pleased with the turn out.

"It was great. People definitely stepped up to the plate and came with a sense of kindness and compassion and fun," Gedayloo said. "When you gather a group of people together, no matter what the topic, if people can be kind and compassionate, it speaks volumes."

KCBX called around to a dozen school districts to find out if there were notable numbers of absences among teachers or students. None of the districts contacts reported an absence rate out of the ordinary, but many did say there were significant number of staffers wearing red. 

The Kindness Matters SLO group, based in Los Osos, is next organizing events in April to coincide with another national march being planned for Earth Day, called the March for Science.

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