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Culture and Identity

Central Coast Voices: Diversity Coalition of San Luis Obispo County

Created in 2011 as a response to a widely reported incident involving a cross burning in Arroyo Grande the Diversity Coalition of San Luis Obispo County believes the strength and success of our community and nation, is based on honoring our diversity. Their vision is to promote positive human understanding and behavior, through charitable, scientific and educational efforts, of the equality of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, physical and mental abilities and attributes, as well as all other characteristics comprising individual identities.

A major goal of the coalition is education. They believe that education, both of children and of the adults in the community, is the key to fostering a more positive, peaceful, and prosperous community for all to live and work. Research supports hat diversity is good for business. According to the Society for HR management, 91% of HR professionals surveyed report diversity helps keep their organizations competitive.

Join Kris Kington Barker as she speaks with guests from the Diversity Coalition of San Luis Obispo County, board members Cornel N. Morton, Ph.D., Secretary and Kendra Paulding, Sponsorship Co-Chair, as they discuss their work to provide programs and resources that celebrate our diversity and promote inclusion of all members of our community.  

Broadcast date: 10/24/19

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