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String of SLO sexual assaults may be connected

A series of sexual assaults this year in San Luis Obispo may be connected. San Luis Obispo Police responded to reports of a sexual assault Friday night just after ten near the Mustang Village Apartments. A 21-year-old woman was walking alone when she was approached by an attacker who pulled down her skirt and underwear, and fled when the woman screamed. 

"I think people are being really bold to do it just on the street, right in front of people," said Christina Kaviani, sexual assault crisis counselor at Cal Poly regarding the recent string of assaults that have happened on or near the college campus.

A similar assault happened 10 days earlier at the Cerro Vista Apartments on the Cal Poly campus. San Luis Obispo Police Captain Chris Staley says these two assaults may be connected.

"We think that it is related, the descriptions were similar," said Staley. "Obviously we don't have enough to say for certain that is the case, but we do suspect that it is the same person though."

April is national Sexual Assault Awareness month. Cal Poly's center for sexual violence and education, called SAFER has two of its signature events this week, including Thursday's Take Back the Night and Saturday's Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.

"We all know that this is affecting us because we all just heard of a sexual assault that occurred very near where we are standing right now," said Kaviani. "So it doesn't change the actual programming, but it makes it more relevant that we're there and standing there so maybe people are going to listen more."