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Officer-involved shooting in Grover Beach


Grover Beach police shot and killed a man on Wednesday night in an altercation on Brighton Avenue.

In a statement issued Thursday morning by Grover Beach police chief John Peters, the identities of the man and the officers involved is not being released during an internal investigation.

According to the department’s account, around 10:15 p.m., a 9-1-1 call reported a man was outside a home in the 1000 block making a “disturbance.” The man didn’t live at the home, and when a police team arrived, they say he was armed with a “large blunt object,” and charged them.

The officers are described as an experienced sergeant with 15 years experience and an officer with less than one year on the force.

“The officers attempted to calm the suspect and asked him to drop his weapon,” according to the Grover Beach Police Department news release. “The suspect refused their commands and threatened the officers while walking toward them. A Taser was deployed, but had no effect on the suspect. The suspect continued to threaten the officers and charged toward them with the weapon in a threatening manner which resulted in an officer involved shooting.”

The officers are on administrative leave.

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