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UCSB to get massive new research facility


Plans to build a massive new $74 million research center on the UCSB campus just got the final funding it needs to become a reality. The plan is to break ground in late spring or early summer.
Professor Frank Doyle says the facility will usher in the next generation of research at UCSB.
"Despite the absence of a medical school on campus, we are now making ground-breaking accomplishments in the research domain in the medical field," said Doyle.  "This building gives us a home to put the scientists together shoulder-to-shoulder to accomplish those interdisciplinary projects."
Plans had been in the works for years, but California had to hold off on providing its $26 million contribution until the economic recovery took hold.
Professor Doyle says examples of the types of work that we can expect to see come out of this facility include development of an artificial pancreas, new types of cloud computing, and revolutionary ways to deliver medicines to the body.