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Lucia Mar School District and Teachers Union compromise to avoid strike

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There is a potential contract in place after months of negotiations between a Central Coast school district and its teachers union. 

Both sides compromised to avoid a strike. Teachers in the Lucia Mar District which covers most of southern San Luis Obispo County were prepared to strike as early as next week over salary concerns.

A new agreement which still needs ratification by the union's members calls for a three percent salary increase starting April first and an additional three percent at the start of next year.

Lucia Mar Unified Teachers Association President Donna Kandel said the deal is a negotiated fix that could work for now.

"It's certainly not everything we wanted. I don't think it's what the district wanted either," said Kandel. "I think it's important that we continue to work with the community and to try to refocus district priority to make teachers in a classroom the focus of their efforts."

The teachers will have several days to anonymously vote on the proposed contract using an online system.