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Cal Poly Master Plan Update still considers more student housing

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly is one step closer to finalizing its 20-year master plan. The university released an updated campus concept map Thursday morning.

It's the result of refining three maps released in April to one. This plan does not consider a 'year-round campus model,' or the hotel and conference center-- both of which were proposed in the spring; and it no longer considers moving the arboretum, or developing prime agricultural lands.

Linda Dalton is the Chief Planning Officer for the Cal Poly Master Plan and said they received a lot of feedback, which was operative in their decision making.

She said the most important part of the plan, which hasn't changed, is to build more student housing.

"The goal is that we would have 15,000 beds, so 15,000 students could live on campus and that's significantly more than we've had in the past," said Dalton. "We would have about 55 percent of our undergraduates living on campus."

They will continue to refine the plan and will likely present it to the board trustees in 2017.