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Cal Poly SLO's half of the Rose Parade float hits the road for Pomona

Cal Poly students are beginning a series of road trips back-and-forth to Pomona for work on their 2016 Rose Parade float.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's half of a 2016 Rose Parade float hit the road for Pomona on Friday, where it will be married with the other Cal Poly's half.

Since 1948, the two universities have joined forces to produce the only student-built float in the parade, and have won many annual awards along the way—including most beautiful non-commercial float back on New Years Day, earlier this year.

Ian Davidson is the program leader . He said this year's float is called Sweet Shenanigans and it might not look like much at this point, but that will change.

"It features gummy bears playing in sort of an ice cream wonderland," said Davidson. "We have two bears on a sled going down an ice cream hill, and to the left of them there are two bears in a snow ball fight who will actually be throwing snow balls on the float this year—which as far as we know is unprecedented in the parade, having free projectiles."

Davidson said on the back of the float there are two ice cream cone mountains and one gummy bear swinging and an ice skating bear doing a pirouette.

The final week leading up to the parade is known as Deco Week, which is short for decorations, when volunteers are needed to help put the finishing touches on the float.