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Issues & Ideas: Cal Poly's 'Local Connections' for out-of-state students

Local Connections/Cal Poly
Cal Poly's "Local Connections" program aims to introduce out-of-state students to the San Luis Obispo community.

As Cal Poly gets ready for a new school year, the administration is letting new students and their families know about an orientation program underway for a few years called Local Connections. It's aimed at helping acclimate out-of-state students from all walks of life to university life far away from home and here on the Central Coast. To learn more about the program, KCBX's Tyler Pratt sat down with Keith Humphry, Cal Poly vice president of student affairs, Cal Poly's director for strategy and engagement Tessa Espinoza, and Cal Poly third year landscape architecture student Sarah Haluschak. Tessa Espinoza kicked off the discussion.

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