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The future of food recycling is up and running in San Luis Obispo

There's a new type of recycling facility in San Luis Obispo County that's turning food and green waste into power and compost. It's called an anaerobic digester, and it was built by global engineering firm Hitachi Zozen Inova. The company is touting it as the first of its kind in the United States for the specific way it recycles waste. 

KCBX's Greta Mart and Tyler Pratt recently explored the plant with two people familiar with every step of how it operates—William Skinner, the plant's director of operations, and Noah Small, who is in charge of marketing the end product, the soil amendment or compost, to Central Coast farmers. It's a loud facility and planes were frequently flying overhead, but come with us on a tour of the machine on the cutting edge of renewable energy.

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