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Public support growing for Pismo Preserve

Kaila Dettman - The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County

Public support is growing for a plan to set aside a large chunk of land in San Luis Obispo County as scenic open space. It's called the Pismo Preserve, 900 acres that encompass much of the land to the northeast of Pismo Beach and Highway 101.

The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County says tens of thousands of dollars in matching funds have gone a long way to help reach the project's goal.

"We knew that the community would love this project, but to see some of our donors who are giving us 30 to 50 times what they normally do to make this project happen is really phenomenal," said the conservany's executive director Kaila Dettman. "I'm very actually humbled by it."

The conservancy needs $10 million by July 1 to buy the land.  Much of that money will come from sources other than small public donations, but $700,000 will need to come from individuals within the community.

If all goes well for the project, escrow could close by August and public hiking could start the following summer.