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California's 2017 wildfire season worst on record

David Zamboni/SB County Fire
Firefighters battling the Mesa Fire along Foxen Canyon Road in July, 2017.

California's 2017 wildfire season was the worst on record according to the state's firefighting agency. More than a half-million acres have burned so far this year, and unseasonably warm weather in Southern California is extending the fire season there. 

CAL FIRE spokesperson Lynne Tolmachoff said the season was already at near record numbers prior to last month's massive fire outbreak in Northern California.

"The siege that we just recently went through in October, that was a very destructive fire event and we don't see those very often," Tolmachoff said. "So, this is definitely a very difficult and trying year."

Tolmachoff said that acreage represents incidents controlled by her agency.

"Now, overall, throughout the state, when you include also U.S. Forest Service land and other local areas, it's definitely not the worst, but it's one of the worst," she said.

The record acreage has pushed CAL FIRE's spending to roughly $47 million beyond its annual budget.

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