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San Luis Obispo County records its first Zika virus case

CDC - James Gathany
The Aedes species of mosquito, which is not common throughout much of the Central Coast, is responsible for tranmitting the Zika virus.

A northern San Luis Obispo County resident has been diagnosed with the Zika virus.

Ann McDowell with San Luis Obispo County Public Health told KCBX on Thursday that the person was infected while traveling to Morales, which is south of Mexico City. 

“Well, we know that it is a travel-related case," said McDowell. "So, the person went to Mexico in an area where Zika is being transmitted locally, by mosquitos.”

Travel-related Zika infections were also reported in Monterey and Santa Barbara counties back in August.

McDowell said all three counties have a fairly low chance of having mosquitoes that would carry the virus. The Aedes species of mosquito, which is the one that is capable of transmitting Zika, has not been found in the SLO County.

The virus can, however, be transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact.

The California Public Health Department says that there have been more than 300 travel-associated Zika cases in the state. There have been no recorded transmissions from local mosquitoes.