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Santa Barbara is home to one of the nation's best tacos


A Santa Barbara taqueria has been named home to one of the ten best tacos in the nation. La Super-Rica Taqueria on Milpas came in No. 8 on the list compiled by website.

Specifically, it's the restaurant's Adobado Taco that's garnering the attention. The dish is described as strips of marinated pork steak served on two homemade tortillas.

The Daily Meal consulted 200 of the nation's leading food writers and taco authorities to compile the rankings.

Cities in California and Texas dominated the top ten entries on the 50-best list. The Carnitas Taco at La Taqueria in San Francisco took the number one spot.

  1. La Taquería, San Francisco: Carnitas Taco
  2. Los Tacos No. 1, New York City: Adobada Taco
  3. The Shed, Santa Fe, N.M.: Chicken with Green Chile Taco
  4. Torchy’s Tacos, Various Texas Locations: Trailer Park Taco
  5. El Real Tex-Mex Café, Houston: Chicken Puffy Taco
  6. Mexicali Taco & Co., Los Angeles: Carne Asada Taco
  7. Tito's Tacos, Culver City, Calif.: Tito's Taco with Cheese
  8. La Super-Rica, Santa Barbara, Calif.: Adobado Taco
  9. Chico's Tacos, El Paso, Texas: Chico's Taco
  10. Birrieria Zaragoza, Chicago: Birria Tatemada Taco

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