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Reports focusing on the latest lifestyle news and trends along California's Central Coast.

  • PWF - Flavored Beer - 2
    Fr. Ian Delinger
    Beer has been around for a long time, about 13,000 years. It’s since been refined into stouts, pale ales, hefeweizens, lagers and other classic styles. But recently, the craft beer explosion has led to some pretty interesting flavors: Belgian fruited beers, milk stouts, orange wheat, habañero IPA, chocolate stouts and many more. Central Coast Brewing in San Luis Obispo has a very popular Peanut Butter Stout. Playing With Food met up with George and Matthew at CCB to find out how a Peanut Butter Stout is made…and why.
  • Marty Ross spent 50 years doing sales in the fashion industry, married and divorced 3 times, had two daughter, 3 grandchildren and then — after retiring —…