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Central Coast locals remember their time at Woodstock: Part 3

Courtesy of Ken Lidoff and Will Jones
Ken Lidoff in 1969 and 2019 (top left and right); Will Jones in 1969 and 2019 (bottom left and right).

Fifty years ago, in August of 1969, half a million young people gathered on a farm in New York for the Woodstock Music & Art Festival. KCBX is sharing the stories of San Luis Obispo County residents who were there. 

In this segment, we hear from Will Jones of San Luis Obispo, Peggy Atwill of Los Osos and Ken Lidoff of Los Osos. 

Carol started as a newsroom volunteer at KCBX in the summer of 2017, inspired by her daughter's internship with KCBX News. She joined the KCBX staff in January, 2018. Carol started her radio career at Cal Poly’s KCPR, then moved on to become the director of programming and a morning host at KKUS (US98). Her voice was heard on advertisements and on KSBY TV for many years as well.
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