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Brad Kyle

Staff Announcer/Host of Across the Tracks

After a 14-year radio career that started in the late '70s  as a Dj, Production Director and Program Director in commercial radio , Brad Kyle spent several years in business operations supporting the tech sector before he resumed his broadcast career when he joined the KCBX air staff in February, 2021. You can hear Brad regularly host KCBX midday programs, and he's also occasionally on Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Brad is also the co host of KCBX's roots and country show Across The Tracks heard Thursdays from 8-10 alternating weeks with Blair Gillespie. It's Brads 4th stint in a country format but by far the most expansive one, encompassing traditional country, alt-country,  rockabilly and whatever feels right in the moment to play for modern ears.

He is a musician as well, and the band he founded 15 years ago,  Dr. Danger, is a two-time SLO New Times Music Award-winner for Best Blues and R&B recording for two of his original compositions. Brad is also the program director for an online radio station he and his wife established in 2020. He enjoys gardening and live music events in his spare time.