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How Assemblyman Achadjian sees Paso's proposed water district

Flickr member Dan'o

Central Coast Assemblyman Katcho   Achadjian says he is still working on the language for a bill to create a Paso Robles Water Management District.

Achadjian submitted a spot bill last month as a placeholder before the deadline hit to introduce new legislation during the current session. 
Because the water district issue is a political hot potato, the assemblyman says he's been hearing from every faction affected. 
"We're spending probably more time on this issue than ever before, since I've been here," said Achadjian about the water district and his time in Sacramento. He admitted the state's previous budget deficit took a lot of time too, but "it wasn't as personal as this one."
The San Luis Obispo County board of supervisors voted 3 to 2 last month to support the district. Achadjian says, while he didn't get a unanimous decision by the board, he did get full support from the City of Paso Robles and that gives him confidence to move the bill forward.