WWII relocation and internment of Arroyo Grande, California Japanese-Americans

Aug 2, 2017

Japanese-American families board busses for internment camps during WWII

On February 19th 1942 FDR signed Executive order 9066 requiring the relocation and internment of all California coastal residents of Japanese descent. Historian Jim Gregory, author of WWII Arroyo Grande shares the sorrows and triumphs of the dramatic period in Arroyo Grande history—a time when more than forty percent of the high school student body was of Japanese ancestry.

Japanese boys interned at Manzanar look past the fence
Credit NPS

Japanese-Americans en route to internment camp during WWII

U.S. Army posting of Executive Order 9066
Credit Museum of History and Industry

Click here to view WWII U.S. Office of War Relocation Authority video about relocation of Japanese following Executive Order 9066

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